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About Me 

What is the most important for me in a score?

It should embody the overall vision of the film. 
Give it a unique flavor and draw the audience in without them even knowing.

Why Film Music?

I love stories! I love putting myself into the shoes of the director, the writer, the cinematographer, the editor, the characters.

I want to be perceptive about every part of the production to get to the essence of the film and put it into music.

I also love the collaboration process with the director and the rest of the audio team!


What can i give you?

Dedication, innovation and a good feel for story and filmmaking.

When i'm working on a film i'm putting all of myself into it.

I love trying new things to assure the film gets a unique score, while never distracting away from the story thats told on the screen.

What else can i do?

Sound / Dialogue Editing, Sounddesign, Foley Artist , Mixing and Mastering.

When studying audio engineering at HOFA College in Karlsdorf Germany, i learned all about the mixing and mastering process, dialogue editing, several techniques to clean and repair broken audio, sounddesgin and recording foleys.

On several projects i've scored, i had the oportunity to do all of those tasks. 

What DAW do i use?

Steinberg Cubase

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