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The Next Generation

The Next Generation is a Marvel Fanfilm shortfilm series.

The Avengers are dead and our story begins with Jake.

After the tragic murder of his wife and unborn child Jake wants revenge, he decides to take justice in his own hands.

In a fight against a villain he gets a hold of a experimental serum and injects himself to get superpowers. 


George K. as Jake (left) Bryan Harlow as Magni Thorson (right)

Screenshot 2022-07-29 132945.png

He finds the shield of the old Captain America and from then on uses it to fight agains evil forces.

By now there are two episodes of The Next Generation finished and a third one is planned, but still needs funding.

The series is Written and Directed by George Kyriakopoulos.

He also plays the main act. 

Screenshot 2022-07-29 132921.png

I loved working on the series with George K.

After doing many projects together we understand each other very good and have established a stable workflow.

The challenge in The Next Generation for me was to do a Marvel like score while still keeping an original style.

It also was the first time i had to do a big orchestral score over such an amount of time.

It taught me quick arranging, what to avoid when using many instruments and also i learned a great deal about mixing down such huge arrangements.

Making them sound crisp and clear without them getting in the way of the original sound and the sounddesign.


Backflash scene of Jake with his pregnant wife played by Katie Olivero

Jake facing a villain threatening his wife and unborn child

I wanna endorse the work of George K. once more.

He is a great actor and he managed all this workload that came with Next Gen very well.

In this production he not only was the main act, but also Director and Producer.

There have been alot of difficulties, but he always kept his calm.

A huge job on this project was the sounddesign and audio post production part, which was taken care of by George Becker.

A good friend of mine from Germany.

I have been working closely together with him and must say he did a great job on it.

Recording all the foleys himself and making the action sound really sound crisp and punchy.

Check them out on instagram:

GEORGE KYRIAKOPOULOS 🇬🇷🎥 (@itsgeorgekyriakopoulos) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

George Becker | Gosha Bekker (@goshabekker_) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos


Behind the scenes shot. 3 villains trying to escape after a robbery

Screenshot 2022-07-29 133240.png

Magni Thorson trying to convince Jake to work together as a team

Screenshot 2022-07-29 133340.png

Nick Fury played by E. George Perry

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