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Profound Sleep

This drama short film is about Josh,

a highschool student, who has no family except his best friend Noah.

He is falling in love with Hannah.

Everything seems to go perfectly great for him, but he wakes up from this dream into a nightmare!

He is losing everything, the love of his life and his best friend...

He is slowly driven mad and wants to escape reality, back to this dream he had!

Screenshot 2022-07-29 114711.png

Working on this film was an adventure of a different kind for me!

Marc J Louis (Director of the film) brought me in very early when the script was half written and we worked out ideas on how the film should be.

When the script was finished he brought in George Kyriakopoulos (DOP) and we then rewrote the script together.

It was Marc's first short film and he didn't know about sound recording so he trusted me with choosing the sound equipement and finding the sound recordist.

We where on a short budget so finding someone who does the sound recording was a hard task for me. 

Hannah (played by Hannah Eve) and Josh (Jason Heil)


There where a lot of surprises waiting along the way...

The crew seemed to be set, we had the actors, we had a great DP and our soundrecordist seemed to be perfect for us!

But then the main actor got a well paid job offering and jumped off one day before the first shooting day...

The shoot was canceled! We needed to re schedule, but our soundrecordist was booked already on all other dates so she left us too...

It took us another week to get the main actor and the recodist.

This time the soundrecordist got a better paid opportunity and canceled...

The project seemed to be cursed...

It could not be canceled again so Marc decided to record the sound by themselves.

After the first shooting day someone on facebook messaged me with a number from a girl that recorded sound on his set named Rufaro Nyangoni.

Luckily she jumped in spontaneously on the second shooting day and rescued the production! 

Marc J. directing and George K. camera


on set... scene with Josh and Noah (Patchydev T.) having a fight

Screenshot 2022-07-29 114854.png

Billy Gianmo playing the doctor

What made this film so special for me was beeing there from the very beginning when the script was half finished, beeing part of the preproduction process and even the casting, till the very end working on post production.

This was the first project in which i took the tasks of the complete audio departement.

From cleaning the audio, editing and processing the dialogue, sounddesign and score.

It gave me alot of insight into the overall filmmaking process and made me understand film

way better than before!

I think experiencing all of this gave me a big load of respect for every position in the cast and crew and overall improved my way of working and communicating with people.

My full endorsement goes for Marc J. Louis as a director, and George Kyriakopoulos for doing such a great job on the camera and in preproduction.

His work was essential to the films quality!

For more info on the crew check out the links below:

Marc Hugues Jean Louis (@marc_jnlouis) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

GEORGE KYRIAKOPOULOS 🇬🇷🎥 (@itsgeorgekyriakopoulos) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos


Marc J., George K. and Jason Heil

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