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Wide Open Dreams

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Wide Open Dreams is a documentary directed by Paulina Jaskiewickz.

About Shawna.

A black woman and single mother of three childs living in america.

Struggling to find a job, due to the lack of a exemplary CV she is almost about to give up and giveaway her kids.

She couldn't provide for them anymore...

But then she get's a sudden phonecall from Greyston Bakery...

Greyston uses a so called open hiring model!

You just sign your name on a paper and you get on their list!

Sooner or later you get a job opportunity from them, no application or CV needed!

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This project was very interesting because of the unique process and all the surprises along the way...

We where two composers Maciej Wieckowski and me...

We had a very tight schedule the thing needed to be shot

and about two weeks later the film should already have it's first screening!

So basically what we did was that Paulina gave us pictures, impressions and a basic idea of how the film should be and we just started composing tracks while the crew was shooting. 

By the time the edit was done we had everything composed already.

We even had one track too much!

It was a big relief when we where putting the tracks on 

the picture everything worked great!

There was almost no editing needed on the tracks we composed basically blindly!

Paulina Jaskiewickz, Shawna Swanson and the Wide Open Dreams crew

Screenshot 2022-07-28 161133.png

Still shot from the film

But if that wasn't enough challenge another surprise was waiting for us...

Just a four days before the screening should go down the post production audio engineer jumped off the project!

I had to jump in that was the first time i did dialogue editing and mixing the original sound.

The audio was all messy, there where interferences on the lav mics and all the factory noises where in the recordings!

But some intense nights of audio cleaning and repairing we had the film ready for its first screening!

It was definetly an adventure i will never forget!

And all that wasn't for nothing!

After the first screening Paulina got messaged by Ben Stiller that he likes the projects and he will support the festival runs!

The documentary got screened at Hollyshorts Film Festival.

Reached the semi finals at Flickers Rhode Island International.

Nominee at Cannes Shorts.

Nominee for Best Documentary at Norwhich Film festival and many more!

Check out the website to see the full nominations and awards:

Home | Wide Open Dreams (

My full endorsements go for Paulina for making this all possible.

She worked the hardest of all on this project and showed alot of skill in planning and leading this project.

She took the right decisions spontaneously in a very tight time frame and under high pressure while always keeping a smile on her face!

Working with her was a great pleasure!

Check her out on IG:

Paulina Jaśkiewicz (@pjaskiewicz_) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

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Paulina and Ryan Christopher Lee (DOP)

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